Honey Badger on a Unicycle


8″ x 10″
Oil on Canvas

SOLD (and then later stolen)

The honey badger (mellivora capensis) is a ferocious predator with immunity to some forms of snake venom. Though, further research would be required to conclude the theory that honey badgers are one of the few non-primates to use tools, this one can be seen here using a unicycle to get a better look at his next victim.  All joking aside, I sold this to a friend and it was stolen out of her storage locker.  Call the police if you see it.


2 responses to “Honey Badger on a Unicycle”

  1. Jami Avatar

    Okay…I really love this one.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    This is beyond awesome. I have started an underground gorilla honey badger white board graffiti campaign at my work. I also am a mountain unicyclist. What an amazing find!

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