Hipster X-Mas Cards

Ready to celebrate the Christmas holiday in ambiguously misunderstood style?  Well, you need not wait any longer.  Those edgy, yet, effortless “Hipster X-Mas” cards and ornaments are here!  You can find them by clicking on the images or just go directly to the site where you may customize colors, wording and font:

If there is anything you’d like to see on a hipster X-Mas card that can’t be found, feel free to make a request: ellen@actsofpaint.com

Please note: I haven’t yet begun a line for the Hipster Jewish, Taoist, Muslim, or Hindu holidays (however, Future-Me will eventually get around to making some of those as well).
I’d like to make one final note: since creating a “reply to comment” button on this site has been low on my priority list, I am unable to reply directly to your comments.  Though, I greatly enjoy getting comments, until I find the time to make a reply-button, please e-mail me directly with any questions or concerns.  Thanks for reading!


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