Fish With Apple

SOLD: Acrylic on Canvas – 8″x 6″

This represents how I felt yesterday after installing my Art in a New Jersey restaurant.  However, after having spent most of my life in Chicago, I expect everything to be like one big grid, so, naturally, I got lost while getting there.  Thanks to that special someone and his magical mapping device, I was able to avoid driving into the river.

I had some fantastic help hanging my work in Jersey from Jeanne Bustard and George.

You can see both Jeanne’s and my own work now displayed at Tortilla Press Cantina at 7716 Maple Ave in Merchantville, NJ.  (A special thanks to Kathy at Tortilla Press Cantina for making my Jersey show possible).

This little guy will soon join ranks with some of my paintings still on display for the “Art Feeds” holiday show (along with the works of other great Northwest Artist Collective members) at Earth Bread & Brewery right here in chilly Philly.  (A special thanks to Peggy for making the Art Feeds show possible).  10% of proceeds from artwork sold at “Art Feeds” will go to Philabundance.


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