Working Smaller

Acrylic on Canvas – 6″x 8″

Since I ordered this gigantic box filled with 8″x10″s and 6″x8″s, I’ve run out the the 8″x10″s and must use up all of my 6″x 8″s.

These are just a few examples.  I’ve also taken to acrylic painting.  I’m starting to really-really like working in acrylics (less fumes, easier clean-up, dries faster, similar results).  The prices on my small oil paints are crazy cheep anyway, so, I won’t even need to change my pricing.

I may need to go “pro” and pick up a wider range of color than just black, white, blue, yellow and red.
It’s also more difficult to paint smaller.  My mind hasn’t yet been “shaken” out of large-mode as I continue to struggle with appropriating the sizes of my characters with respect to the smaller size of the canvases.






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