The Burro and the American Burro

Oil on canvas – 11×14″

I used to understand the difference between a donkey (burro) and a mule, but, the subject rarely comes up, and I have since forgotten.  However, I’ve been swimming in admiration for Mexican art recently, and have found it to be simple, colorful, lively, and festive.  I tried to re-create at least some spirit of the culture in my latest painting.  Whether or not it turned out to be a donkey or mule, I’ll just leave that up to the speculations of my audience.
I hope you enjoy!

Digitized Revision

I fooled around with some digital effects and the end result yielded a resemblance to something political.  I don’t want to blabber on about any political opinion that may or may not be inspired by this painting (at least none that I can think of at the moment) but, I would be curious to know how other people might interpret this.


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