To respect of uphill battles, there are things I would love to elaborate on here in this blog, but, never did.  Here is the list of things that have held me back:

1. I have very strong opinions on things.  But, really, who doesn’t?  The fact is, I sometimes feel so strongly about certain issues that it effects me physically and eats hours of my time/energy just thinking about them.  However, knowing that not everyone shares these opinions could get me into serious trouble with anyone interested in buying my work.  So, I just bite my tongue here and offer only boring words of ‘normal’ life and average stories that just aren’t very interesting.

2. I mostly paint, animate and illustrate – You can almost hear rust grinding between the joints of my fingers that were once able to whittle about the keyboard like a master pianist.  While I realize this is just a skill that will eventually return if enough effort is laid down in the name of making up something interesting to read, I’ll now introduce you to my next writing road-block.

3. I have little to say if it doesn’t have much to do with my strong opinions.  This can pose a huge problem for people attempting to bond on the subject of the weather.  It could also have something to do with age.  As each year passes, the topics that have excited me to no end, played time and time again, and I am no longer as enthusiastic – or, perhaps I’ve just “settled” into life; mellowed out; have since outgrown a manic phase.

4. Not talking about something other than myself – henceforth everything comes off sounding a bit like self-absorbed crap.  I am completely aware that this is a carryover from something I figured out back in the days of high-school (a place that some of us never truly escape).  Back in the day, it made sense as a survival strategy (assuming the survivor doesn’t care if the peer groups view him/her as a conceited twit).  Because if you’re only talking about yourself, you couldn’t possibly have said anything negative about anyone else and avoid trouble.  This is why I’ve found it so easy to do without much protest from the part of my brain that strives to help me ‘fit-in’ or attempt to make me appear ‘normal.’  There are other positive aspects to talking about ones-self as the central subject of everyday conversation.  In business, talking about yourself or your business in a positive light can be beneficial.  However, if you’re just going out to dinner with a group of friends, it can become a worn out subject.

Speaking of worn out, it’s nearing my bedtime.  For those of you (one or two people) who keep returning in spite of my writing limitations, thanks for coming back and thanks for reading.


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