A Long Walk

Cowboy And Ostrich
Cowboy And Ostrich

Right now, at this very moment, I’m supposed to be back-seat gaming as my better-at-video-games-half plays Borderlands II. Instead, I failed to create a new post featuring my latest work, so, here I sit in my studio blogging about the image to your left.  Admittedly, there were a few technical issues while photographing this piece.  Perhaps the sun wasn’t in the right place, or my hippy-neighbor placed a hex on my camera – whatever the reason, it proved to be nearly impossible to take a good pic of the latest paintings since I trashed my brush and started using a pallet knife (an actual pallet knife – not the virtual kind you find in photoshop).  The strokes don’t photograph as I wished for them to be seen.  Oh well, hope you like it anyway.  Now, I’m going to join my game-addicted pal before bed (but, really I’m just projecting my own addiction to video games here).  Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!



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