Separate Keywords With Space In Zazzle

Figuring out how I’m supposed to separate keywords with spaces when you go to create your products in Zazzle took more time than I care to admit.

I finally found an answer by opening the “Edit product details” panel (for an existing product), going down to the “Tags” tab and clicking on the highlighted link “View tags above as text” link. That allowed me to copy/paste the tags in text format. I re-pasted it into the “Add Tag” space to see if that worked, and it did. The question was why?

After some insignificant trail and error, I finally realized you need to put a COMMA at the end of your separate words for it to appear as separated words in your tag. Like this: “biking badger,” – if you just put the words “biking badger” without a comma at the end, it will separate the words into two separate keywords “biking” and “badger”. So, simply put that comma there and press enter or “Add Tag” button. See example below:

Who knows if they’ll change this to make it more dyslexic-friendly in the future, but hopefully this saves someone out there some time.

Oh, lastly, welcome to visit my product page for this blog post (I receive a decent percentage of all sales):





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