This is an online exhibit of paintings, illustrations, animation by Ellen Marcus. I hope you like what you see and please stay for the virtual wine and cheese. Well, maybe not the wine — We just ran out of virtual wine about an hour ago, but there is still plenty of virtual cheese.

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Commission Info…

Currently not taking commissions right now, but see below for my process:

With any project, I first try to determine the client’s requirements (number of illustrations/characters, duration of animation, style preferences, etc…) – that helps me get a better grasp on when I can complete a project. I then start with basic sketches (AKA “roughs”). The method of rendering sketches that require approval tells me if I’m on the right track with regard to what the client wants, and can be a serious time-saver when it comes to the amount of time I may need to spend finalizing projects.


I graduated from Columbia College in Chicago and worked in commercial animation for 7 years.  After hitting the glass ceiling not hard enough to break it, I moved on to do many other things including animation for a horror/comedy film, book illustrating, rescuing the ecosystem, and remodeling a house. I primarily work from a home studio with my trusty Cintiq, hand clippers, and Sawzall.

Copyright, permissions, disclosures

You may use most* of these images for non-profit or educational purposes without contacting the artist under the condition that credit is provided to the artist with a link-back to her website: http://www.actsofpaint.com and/or her name is placed on or near the work. Your time and respect is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The artist reserves reproduction and sale rights to most* images, paintings and designs created (even after the original has been sold). All sales of original paintings are final. All rights reserved.

*Some images (such as those found under the “Books” page) may fall under a different copyright contract other than what is stated, and is only reproducible under special terms that may not be described here. If you have any questions, please contact me: Ellen@actsofpaint.com

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