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  • Job Interview Scam

    Job Interview Scam

    Hi – Just here to expose more job interview scams. Instead of creating a new post, I’ll be updating this post with new interview scams as I receive them with hopes that they’ll pop up in our ever-changing search engines, and hopefully help someone who just isn’t sure. Below is an email I received on…

  • Artist Scam Alert

    Artist Scam Alert

    You’re poking around on Deviantart (for example) and you get an email from some rando named “mokalilat” and they say something like: “Dear, [Your DeviantArt Username]! Your artwork received high praise from our team. Kаbаm Games invites you to a new project. Open positions:Junior/Middle/Senior 2D Artist;Junior/Middle/Senior 3D Artist;Senior/Middle Concept Artist;Art Director;Lead Artist;Senior/Middle UI Artist. I…

  • When Your Job Interview Was Just a Scam

    When Your Job Interview Was Just a Scam

    I went through an entire interview with a scammer.  It felt so real, and I really wanted it to be real.  The interview itself took three and a half hours – time I could have otherwise used to turn salvaged pallet wood into something more useful.  Some of you might be thinking, ‘why are you giving…