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  • Joggling Newbie

    In late January 2016 – I decided to take up juggling and got myself a pair of balls.  Ironically, I share a last name with this “Mister M.” guy, but there is no relation (as far as I know, he only looks like me a little bit).    I didn’t start out with his video.…

  • Spring Feet

    Spring Feet – Acrylic on canvas Hello readers!  It’s that time of year when I dust cobwebs off my websites and do some domain/website organizing.  After a long period of attempting and failing to merge that professional look with a personal blog, this blog is going to remain as a blog and nothing more.  My…

  • Hot Dogs

    It was a hot day yesterday in Philly as the temperature rose into the 70’s. I went for a trail run and found myself trapped between the river and some big rocks. Because I am from the “flat lands” of the Midwest, it all seemed so impassible. I turned around and headed back. Double tracking…

  • City Run

    City Run

    Oil on Canvas 8″ x 10″ I experimented with painting this image right on the canvas without penciling it in first. This experiment turned out to be a success. Long live the experiment!

  • Say “Hi” to Foot Painting

    Oil on canvas 16″ x 20″ This one took me forever to finish…as some of you might have noticed. First off, thanks for noticing. Secondly, contrary to what the rest of me thinks about hot weather, my feet don’t like to be cooked in poorly ventilated shoes.