Spring Feet

Spring Feet – Acrylic on canvas

Hello readers!  It’s that time of year when I dust cobwebs off my websites and do some domain/website organizing.  After a long period of attempting and failing to merge that professional look with a personal blog, this blog is going to remain as a blog and nothing more.  My “ActsofPaint” domain now points to my professional portfolio (where all the professional stuff will go).  Of course, I’m am still deciding whether or not to link it back to this blog where I am now free to rant about unprofessional things in a most uneventful way (bonus points if it gets eventful).

This will hopefully make things easier for me and less confusing for you.

I’ve had way too much caffeine today and speaking of confusing, this painting was meant to hang on the wall by it’s edge (like this):



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