Tag: pastiche

  • Modern Women Running on Beach Pastiche

    Oil on Canvas – 16″x 20″ Someone from DA taught me a new word.  It’s a very special word and I plan to use it to describe future paintings.  Apparently, I was creating a bunch of “pastiches” without even realizing there was a word for it.  Sort of like that time I was painting all…

  • Seated Fish With Violin

    Oil on canvas – It’s very late and I forget what size this is. If you’re interested, contact me and I’ll take a measurement for you Inspired by Claude Buck’s creation “Seated Woman With Violin”. This one is now on Redbubble. As of yet, I only have 3 more to paint before I can say I’m done…

  • Oil Version of Fish Playing Cello

    Oil on Canvas – 11″ x 14″ I mentioned in my last post that I could be re-making this painting with more care…or maybe just reproducing it with a different brand of paint.  Here she is, all oiled-up!  …that is to say, it’s painted in oil, nothing weird.