Modern Women Running on Beach Pastiche

Oil on Canvas – 16″x 20″

Someone from DA taught me a new word.  It’s a very special word and I plan to use it to describe future paintings.  Apparently, I was creating a bunch of “pastiches” without even realizing there was a word for it.  Sort of like that time I was painting all those fishes on bicycles without ever having heard the saying:  “a woman without a man…”  I’m sure you know the remainder of that quote.

My new series of paintings are not quite “satires” or “parody”, and fall upon the bare minimal qualifications for a “tribute”.  A pastiche (according to Wikipedia) is like an imitation with some other things thrown in there (not quite a satire, but, sometimes a satire).
…Anyway, this is my pastiche of Picasso’s “Women Running On The Beach”.  Enjoy!


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