Normal Foot VS the Abnormal Shoe

Nike skape

I’ve heard such great things about this shoe. Then, I tried a pair at the store. The rumors are all true. Nike comes in sizes narrow and extra-narrow. My feet are not that narrow, and word on the street dictates that a lot of people won’t buy these shoes for the same reason: TOO NARROW. There was adequate room in the (poorly designed) toe-compartment, but, it hugged my metatarsal phalangeal joints just a little too much for comfort. Also, the landing surface was too narrow and I could easily imagine a future problem developing just under my exposed arch (not a matter of arch support, but of feeling the uncomfortable edge from where the shoe base ends completely). I understand that the idea of Nike Free is to simulate the barefoot experience. In many instances (such is the case with weaker arches) the entire plantar surface of the foot will touch the ground during mid-stance.
One final point I’d like to make about the poor design of this shoe is the heel. The heel is raised like most other gym shoes…that’s not natural! If only the Nike company would widen the shoe, create a more realistic-shaped toe-box, provide a full plantar surface, lower that unnaturally high heel, AND make their products in the USA (or verify that overseas manufacturers are not 10 year-old slaves)…*sigh*…if only…
Case, point and example?…look here:
PS: Off the subject of shoes, my typical blog statement for this entry is to include the words: “I know I haven’t posted in a while, but…” I’ve been away from my oil paints for a week or so and got busy posting an online series called “Good Foot, Bad Shoe“. It’s just another blog of mine that, like this one, began as a collection of something other than what I use it for now. The post you see here is an example from that other blog. If you have interest in seeing it, just contact me and I can give you the link…thanks for reading.




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  1. jugglingfireman Avatar

    Not sure if my last post took.. Well For what it is worth, I feel the exact same way. I got a pair of Vibram 5 finger shoes and they have changed my life! I never realized how disabling typical shoes were! I love your art btw. I got sucked in with the honey badger picture. I put a post on that picture too as an anonymous user previously.

  2. Will V. Avatar

    Ellen, have you tried the New Balance Minimus shoes? They're available in medium and wide widths (like most NB shoes) and also simulate the "barefoot experience". I've had a pair for a few weeks now, I like them.

  3. Ellen Avatar

    Actually, I have both the road shoe and the trail. Their Minimus Road shoe has a not so great toe-box. It also has an arch that runs from metatarsal base#1 all the way to met-base#5. This means there is arch support on the side of your feet (not where it should be). I thought it wouldn't be a big deal, but, after training for about a month and a half, I developed serious pain on the sides of my feet. The pain went away when I wore a different shoe.

    NB trail Minimus is actually a really good shoe. The only problem I have with that one, is that I had foot surgery a while back and my foot has a pin protruding from the top that rubs against a hard part on the shoe.

    I now just use the Saucony Hattons. I completely love them.

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