Cthulhu On A Bicycle

CthulhuOnABikeI had recently been in touch with a long-time friend who had just made the cutest Cthulhu out of balloons.  You can find a pic of the little bugger here: BalloonBiker.

That adorable creature (though made from balloons and sitting in a bathtub) maintained a look as though it could still eat your soul.  Thus spawned my inspiration for the fellow you see here.  Though, I’m not sure I meant for it to be a “fellow”.  Its helmet suggests it could be female, or retrosexual, or metro, or whatever.  At any rate, she’ll be needing that helmet during her adventures around town.

Her image may be small here, but, you can find her in much larger form on my Redbubble, Deviant Art and Zazzle sites listed in the sidebar to your left (though her image may be watermarked for her protection).
Thanks for reading.


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