Those Funny-Bunny Comments

Acrylic on Canvas – 8″ x 6″

I finally figured out how to incorporate a 3rd party comment section within my blog, and it only took me about 4 hours.  I calculate around 5 minutes to install a comment enabler called “Disqus”, however, it didn’t work quite right.  It took me the other 3 hours and 55 minutes to figure out that deleting and re-applying it to my blog would fix the problem.  *Sheesh!*

Everything within Disqus worked exactly as I wished.  The only problem being that I had two comment boxes (one from Blogger and one from Disqus) displayed below every post.  One would think that a person in this situation could simply Google things like “two comment boxes” or “double comments” and come up with some fast help to a solution.  This turned out to be something of a false hope.  I reason that I may have made a wrong turn and overlooked the “add this site to Blogger” button, then cut and pasted some Disqus code into a widget I made directly in Blogger.  It is also possible that Blogger’s new interface template messes with the loading of Disqus.  I discovered that when I deleted Disqus and re-loaded it onto Blogger (being sure to use the “add this site to Blogger” button), it reverted my Blogger interface to the older one momentarily.  After all that noise, it worked like a charm (assuming charms really work as magically as they did in the past).  You can now reply to people’s comments on this blog…yay!

Not that anyone comments on this blog much anyway, but, it’s nice to have a reply button.  Thanks for reading and I hope this bit of info helps some poor soul who continues to see double in the comment section.

*update* PS: I had a very pleasurable and time-saving experience with the Disqus support team.  Save yourself a headache and don’t hesitate to ask them for help.


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  1. Ellen Avatar

    Yea, I agree. Though, I recently discovered that Blogger finally caught up with the times and added a 'reply' button and changed back for simplicity. I still think Disqus remains the better, more reliable service (even though I don't have it applied at the moment).

    Since I've been attempting to use Blogger's service to reply to your comment, however, it seems to be quirky when used in my Chrome browser. I may switch back to Disqus for that reason.

  2. davidhumberk Avatar

    Ya,you are right its really a time saving comment section.Even I have experienced the same thing.Now Disqus is one site which I always prefer.

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