Elephant Trivet

I never heard of a “trivet” before I started making them.  I always called them “hot plates”.  Maybe it’s an East coast term, like “Jersey barrier”, “hoagie” and “water ice”.  This one I carved (with my jigsaw) from a 1/2″ flat thingie of red oak from a hardware store.

Between this, the table below, scraping paint and prepping the house for guests, I’ve been too busy to play video games.

Table I made from an old door.  Please excuse the mess
behind it and the crappy tile we have yet to replace.
Since my paintings have been selling like hot-cakes (if hot-cakes are at all still popular enough for that analogy), my supply has run low.  If this is the worst problem I have all year, I’ll be doing very well.


So, my New Years resolution is to replenish my dwindling supply of paintings for you to enjoy (though it might be another one-per-day-plan as new projects arise).  I also hope to squeeze in a video game or two and possibly a few new tables made from old doors.



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