Spring is here!

Spring GoatTo answer your question, the RSS works with Feed Burner.  Feed Burner should work with services called “Readers”.  The simpler way to subscribe to my site would be through the “Join This Site” button in the right-hand sidebar.  I suppose it’s a bit awkward to have the more difficult method on top of the right-hand sidebar and the easier method below.  Thanks for pointing that out – I will have to re-arrange those.  If you have further trouble with these issues, both Blogger and FeedBurner have help sections.  You may contact them for further information and I’m sure someone on the other end will be more than happy to help you.

*2017 Update* I may still be hooking up the follow buttons, but I don’t use Feed Burner anymore, so this post is obsolete.  Should I leave an obsolete post up?…. maybe I can re-do it.

Thanks for reading.


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